[pmwiki-users] OT: Creating a subdomain without CPanel

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Feb 6 17:13:28 CST 2009

DaveG wrote:
> cPanel usually works fine for me, and recent versions (10 I think) tend 
> to be more conservative about messing with your directories. I usually 
> start with cPanel to create the subdomain -- I think cPanel uses 
> httpconf to store it's settings, not somewhere you'd normally touch. 
> Then I go ahead and put PmWiki, and .htaccess into the subdomain 
> directory (actually I use links, but it's the same idea).
> So, use cpanel, just do that step first.
>   ~ ~  Dave

Done, and success, including CleanURLs and testing. 10 year old son's 
thrilled with his new wiki and is busy copying his home bookmarks to it 
so he can find things when in the school lab. Teacher's thrilled with 
the unusual presentation of his history project, finished 4 days early.

Many thanks!


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