[pmwiki-users] Turbo powered pagelists

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Feb 8 04:17:21 CST 2009

> > Dan:
> > I have a function that automatically adds values
> > to a data page...
> > Just a regular wiki page, but the info is generated
> > whenever there is a change in whatever info I'm tracking.
> > There's also an option to mine a group of pages
> > and extract the data from them into a page like this.

> Hans:
> indeed a normal file kept in the work directory may be
> better for security reasons. I am not sure how or if you
> handled the read authorisation issues.

I also wouldn't bother to have such data stored as wiki pages: they're
work files, mostly 'unreadable' by any average user (and wouldn't make
sense to most admins as well) so a plain .txt anywhere inside a /work/
directory would be just fine.
As far as security is concerned, most probably the file can
antomatically be created in a way that just the wiki can read/write
it. An odd/random name could be used. Also/or an .htaccess can be set
inside the /work/ folder. Just quick thoughts.


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