[pmwiki-users] Gui Buttons. Looks like underline, gives "Internal Link", in the core program.

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Tue Feb 10 13:45:08 CST 2009

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 09:35:22PM -0500, Sandy wrote:
>> The gui button on the edit page, just to the right of Bold, looks like 
>> Underline, but the tooltip says "Internal Link". The actual markup gives 
>> [[zzz]].
>> The button beside it shows the usual globe with chain links. It has a 
>> tooltip of "External Link". The actual markup gives the same as the 
>> other button, [[zzz]].
> Odd.  When I click them on pmwiki.org (in the WikiSandbox), the 
> first button gives me "[[Page link]]" and the second button gives 
> "[[http:// | link text]]".

Further testing on pmwiki.org: When I select a word, then press the 
button, it just puts in the brackets. When I have nothing selected, it 
puts in the text as you describe.

Italic and Bold, and the few others I tested, work both ways: by 
selecting a word and by selecting nothing.

> We don't really have an "underline button"

An underline button would be useful. I know it's more formatting than 
structural, but many users still think that way. Some styles of 
bibliographies need underlines. (They're links to something on my 
shelf?) Other users just expect to have them.

Extra thoughts: Maybe two different edit pages, one for people who think 
format, using <span class="bold">, etc. (defeating the goal of 
multi-media html); and another for those who think structure. My skins 
use italic and bold for <em> and <strong>, to bypass the issue, but, 
again, there's no underline.

(Helping my 10-year-old son do his first page was educational. Much as 
I'd love to have him think structurally, he's already overwhelmed with 
links and content/skin/sidebar, not to mention the history project it's 
part of. I'll point him at htmldog this summer and try to look like it 
doesn't matter to me.)

> If someone wants to suggest
> a better graphic for the "internal link" button I can make it happen.

First idea: Keep the chain link but use a page, book, house, or 
continent for the background.

>> 2. If there are to be separate buttons for internal and external links 
>> (which is a good idea, but if we put in every good idea we'll have three 
>> lines of buttons, and not every skin distinguishes between them), they 
>> should do something different.
> They do, at least for me (see above).  Perhaps it's a skin or
> other custom setting causing the issue?

See above. It's a matter of what's highlighted when I click the button.


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