[pmwiki-users] Gui Buttons. Looks like underline, gives "Internal Link", in the core program.

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Tue Feb 10 15:58:41 CST 2009

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 02:45:08PM -0500, Sandy wrote:
> Further testing on pmwiki.org: When I select a word, then press the
> button, it just puts in the brackets. When I have nothing selected, it
> puts in the text as you describe.

Correct.  As with the other items in the toolbar, highlighting some
text and pressing the button tends to mean "apply this markup
to the highlighted text".

> An underline button would be useful. I know it's more formatting than 
> structural, but many users still think that way. Some styles of 
> bibliographies need underlines. (They're links to something on my 
> shelf?) Other users just expect to have them.

In local/config.php:

    $GUIButtons['underline'] = array(120, "{+", "+}", '$[Underlined]',

> (Helping my 10-year-old son do his first page was educational. Much as
> I'd love to have him think structurally, he's already overwhelmed with
> links and content/skin/sidebar, not to mention the history project it's
> part of. I'll point him at htmldog this summer and try to look like it
> doesn't matter to me.)

This has been my experience in general -- as writers most people are
taught to think presentationally and not structurally.  In other words,
if I'm hand-writing a bibliography entry, my training and first
instinct is generally "I need to underline the name of the book" and
not "I need to mark this text as being a book's name".  Even the
traditional writers' style guides (e.g., MLA, Columbia, etc.) are
written with a focus on how the text looks and not how it's structured.
So even though the semantic web folks admonish people to write
structurally, it's not the way that most authors think about it
or have been trained to write.

> > If someone wants to suggest
> > a better graphic for the "internal link" button I can make it happen.
> First idea: Keep the chain link but use a page, book, house, or
> continent for the background.

I like the notion of a page in the background -- I might see if I
can do something there.  Neil's suggestion of just a chain is
reasonable also.


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