[pmwiki-users] "BlockMarkup" page - delete or change?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Feb 13 09:50:10 CST 2009

Hello All,

should BlockMarkup be deleted or refactored?

Currently BlockMarkup contains

1. Few details about div blocks. These are also explained in
WikiStyles (I added the nested div information to Wikityles).

2. Much detail about few (but not all!) block markup elements. This
information is already contained in TextFormattingRules.

One reason to keep BlockMarkup would be to hold an (complete) list of
block elements (Forms, paragraphs, indent, outdent, lists, list items,
headings, divisions, images, pre, tables, Q/A) with links to the pages
where these elements are described.

On the other hand, blocks are mostly relevant for styles, so a list of
block elements could be also in WikiStyles. Not too many relevant
links point to BlockMarkup, this could be fixed easily if BlockMarkup
is deleted.

What would you prefer:
* Delete BlockMarkup; list the blockelements in WikiStyles
* Refactor BlockMarkup to list block elements
* Other?


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