[pmwiki-users] Conversion from a phpwiki

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Feb 17 05:16:57 CST 2009

Audun Myhra Bergwitz wrote:


>> We have a lot of pages, probably more than 900 and also a lot of images 
>> (around 8500) and the wiki syntax is very different for a lot of the things 
>> we do (italics, bold, tables, internal links, etc.) 
>The solution suggested in the old threads is to do a string replace of
>wiki syntax for each page.This might help:

whether this works might depend on the markup and extensions used in
PhpWiki. I'm afraid there is no simple solution at the moment.

Besides this, if you want to keep URLs unchanged, you might need to
tweak PmWiki because of it's group/page structure.


>As for thumbnails there is a recipe here:

there are more cookbook solutions to create thumbnail galleries.

>> Switching sounds like a nightmare (we considered it several years ago and 
>> none of us wanted to take on all the work.) Now we have more to change, but 
>> I think we don't have a choice if we want to keep what we have for the long 
>> run. The other option is to have someone create a custom wiki for us and we 
>> are looking into that, but I worry about the ongoing support for that and 
>> don't know if we could afford it either.
>Instead of having someone creating a custom wiki for you, have that
>someone help you do the conversion, it's probably easier and cheaper.

I agree.

>Maybe try to ask some of the people that did a succesful conversion
>before (seems like Oliver Betz is both active on this list and have
>converted from phpwiki earlier).

I did no automatic conversion but migrated a bunch of pages manually.
This way I also updated the content.

Two of the old PhpWiki installations are still running because I was
too lazy to convert and the content is no more maintained. Since they
still get some hits, I consider to convert them to static HTML. This
way old references are maintained, and if I want, I can redirect to a
new place.


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