[pmwiki-users] Conversion from a phpwiki

Mary Sue Ittner msittner at mcn.org
Tue Feb 17 11:01:14 CST 2009


Thanks to both of you who responded to my request for help in figuring out 
how to convert our php wiki to  pmwiki  wiki. One of your users also 
responded to me off list and has been helping me with the conversion which 
I wouldn't have had the expertise to do myself so I'm really grateful as 
are the members of our group who currently use our wiki regularly. He is 
saving us months and months of work if we had to change each page manually.

>Besides this, if you want to keep URLs unchanged, you might need to
>tweak PmWiki because of it's group/page structure.

We do want to keep our URLs the same as much as possible since we think a 
lot of websites may link to them now, both our pages and our images. So 
most of our pages (except for profile pages) are going to be in Main.

> >As for thumbnails there is a recipe here:
> >http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AutoThumber
>there are more cookbook solutions to create thumbnail galleries.

Images have been a bit of a challenge, but he  thinks the mini recipe will 

This is a big learning curve for me, but I appreciate that there is so much 
helpful information on the pm wiki site. This is one of the reasons I was 
drawn to it when I was researching the choices. I don't understand a lot of 
what I read, but I expect that little by little more of it will be clear. I 
wish the search didn't turn up so many choices because it makes it 
difficult to know where to start to look. I guess I need to take more time 
to refine what I am searching for. I understand the group structure better 
now, but still don't know which group would be most helpful if I limit my 
search to a group. But this should improve as well.

Mary Sue  

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