[pmwiki-users] PageTopStore recipe

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 03:35:59 CST 2009

2009/2/13 Christian Ridderström <christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com>:
> Thanks for the explanation. Perhaps it'd be an idea to place this
> information on the recipe page, or a page linked to by that page.
> (Or perhaps in the recipe code).
> This sounds like a reciped that I'd like to use, but I'd propbably be a bit
> worried that it might behave unexpectedly, so knowing more about the
> (intended) algorithms is very useful. I know that I could look at the code
> of this recipe, but that's not enough as I'm not familiar with that part of
> the code in the PmWiki engine.

Looks like Oliver added this yesterday to the recipe page, as I'd
forgotten to do so when I updated the recipe a few days ago.

> Have done any measurement to see how much overhead this recipe causes?

Haven't done any actual testing, but in use it doesn't appear to have
any noticable effect on page rendering. There might be a very slight
slowdown from the extra class instantiation as $WikiDir is
overwritten, but otherwise read operations are of at most equivalent
complexity with those of PageStore. Some overhead is incurred when
writing pages to file (ie. saving edits) as a second copy of the page
needs to be written to wikitop.d, but in use I don't notice any
difference. Similarly there's a chance of a very slight slowdown when
reading pages for which there is no entry in wikitop.d, as the script
by default automatically generates one. Again, in use, I haven't
actually noticed this happening.


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