[pmwiki-users] Change default page name separator to "-", ie "Page-Name"

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Feb 25 12:16:05 CST 2009

OK, I may as well ask all my controversial questions at once...

I notice that all the cool cats on the web have moved their URLs to be
in the style of "this-is-my-page-about-milk-drinks" since most search
engines seem to be able to parse this as separate words (and Google's
algorithm appear to give extra weight to links which contain keywords in
the link pointing to a page containing those keywords)

Given that I notice PmWiki moving away from CamelCase wiki words, it
seems like there should be little resistance to proposing a change in
the default URL naming convention also...

Changing to a different separator character than the current "no
seperator and capitalise each word" seems straightforward on the
surface.  It would obviously be helpful to adjust the function which
loads pages from disk to maintain backwards compatibility with old named
pages (depending on how the on disk name is chosen of course)

This seems to be the recipe which causes most probability of affecting
other parts of the code, hence the tentative proposal to include in core

So, how about it...

Ed W

P.S.  Please no replies about how you got to the top on google without
fancy URLs.  Yes it's just one part of the whole seo process, but it
seems to be an important one, and google still doesn't seem to breakup
CamelCaseWords when parsing link urls (check your google webmaster
account for your site to see this)

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