[pmwiki-users] WikiSh give "DeleteKey (delete) does not match $DeleteKeyPattern. Unable to delete."

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 25 12:56:56 CST 2009


I'm using WikiSh recipe for the first time - just trying to get some 
understanding of it.
I appreciate I may not be using it, or have it setup, correctly.

In a test wiki I'm trying to rename a page Test to Test-Archive. I'm 
doing this via the control panel.
The command I'm using is:
mv Test.Test  Test.Test-Archive

When I execute the command I get this error:

ERROR: rm(): DeleteKey (delete) does not match $DeleteKeyPattern. Unable 
to delete.

How can I resolve this?  Currently the wiki is set to delete pages if 
there is no text on them and I would like to keep that setting.



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