[pmwiki-users] OT: How does Dreamweaver work?

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 08:49:59 CST 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009, 1:09:16 AM, Sandy wrote:

> What do you mean by dependent files? CSS, js, php, and other things a 
> knowlegable person can edit directly (with the right password),

> or something that actually needs Dreamweaver to edit it?

I meant any file the HTML page is using, like linked css files,
linked js files, images etc.

>  From the online tutorials, I see no technical reason I can't edit the
> html files on her server directly, to make small changes to the site, 
> but she's of the opinion that it's impossible.

Should be fine to do so.

Dreamweaver has its own idiosyncratic ways sometimes of constructing
HTML, which could be superficially confusing when editing raw HTML,
for instance some custom markup for putting templates like for a menu
used on many pages. If the site is maintained mainly through
Dreamweaver, and you want to edit raw HTML with some other editor, it
would be prudent to check for these custom markup (you will see, they
are just not standard HTML tags), and not to wipe them.

Also Dreamweaver can be used for keeping a public site files in sync
with local files, and vice versa. So editing HTML on the server may
result that Dreamweaver will ask next time it sees the site if you
wish to update. It checks for newe file mod times.

Hope this helps -


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