[pmwiki-users] Another stab at ratings on PmCalendar page

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Feb 27 15:21:02 CST 2009

I've been a proponent of finding some kind of rating system for recipes for
some time.  I don't particularly care what rating system, but I think it's
an important piece missing in the current documentation of recipes to help
admins when choosing solutions.  Almost any of the ideas that have been
proposed would work -- one just needs to be "appointed" and then

* Chris has recently given the suggestions found on Cookbook/PmCalendar-Fan:
** http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmCalendar-Fan

Users put a link to [[Cookbook/RecipeName-Fan]] (or
[[Cookbook/RecipeName-Users]]) in their profile which triggers the various
pagelists.  No comment capability provided.

* Taking Chris's idea one step further is found on Cookbook/PmCalendar-Users
(Rating2 on the PmCalendar page itself):
** http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmCalendar-Users

The pagelist is triggered by the same link like Chris's solution, but an
optional PTV on the profile page with the same name as the recipe
{$:PmCalendar} becomes a comment next to the name on the *-Users page.

* Approaching it from a slightly different direction I've put an alternate
solution demo'd on Cookbook/OpenPass:
** http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/OpenPass

Users create a PTV in their profile with the name {$:I_Use_RecipeName}.  The
content of the PTV becomes a comment next to the user's name on the *-Users
page.  (Obviously you can use a definition list, hidden PTV, or any other
valid way to define the PTV.  I demo a couple different approaches to this
in my profile.)

Again, I think any of these and some of the ideas that have been suggested
before would work.  I just really don't want the discussion to die yet again
without a decision having been made...

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