[pmwiki-users] Another stab at ratings on PmCalendar page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Feb 27 18:23:41 CST 2009

On Friday 27 February 2009 22:21:02 Peter Bowers wrote:
> Almost any of the ideas that have been proposed would work -- one just needs
> to be "appointed" and then implemented.

> Users put a link to [[Cookbook/RecipeName-Fan]] (or
> [[Cookbook/RecipeName-Users]]) in their profile which triggers the various
> pagelists.  No comment capability provided.
> The pagelist is triggered by the same link like Chris's solution, but an
> optional PTV on the profile page with the same name as the recipe
> {$:PmCalendar} becomes a comment next to the name on the *-Users page.

> Users create a PTV in their profile with the name {$:I_Use_RecipeName}. 
> The content of the PTV becomes a comment next to the user's name on the
> *-Users page.  (Obviously you can use a definition list, hidden PTV, or any
> other valid way to define the PTV. 

Sorry. Isn't this quite complicated? Are there some benefits over something 
most basic and simplest like:

  on a recipe ratings page (Recipe-Users?): asterisk, comment, signature :

  * I use it. [[~Petko]] (datestamp)
  * I reviewed the recipe and I endorse it. [[~Pm]] (datestamp)
  * Excellent recipe, I used it before (now I only have the simple auth,
    no AuthUser, so I no longer need this recipe.) [[~Dfaure]] (datestamp)


There is a comment capability, there are links to the profiles. A link in the 
recipeinfo block could be in [[Recipe]], on the same line as
 Discussion: [[Recipe-Talk]], [[Recipe-Users]]

It is less CPU-intensive for the server than opening all profile pages to find 
and extract comments in PTVs. Orders of magnitude less CPU intensive.

It also seems (to me) more straightforward for new users to add a comment and 
a voice: just go to the Recipe-Users page, and add your name. New users might 
not know how to add a {$:I_Use_RecipeName} PTV on their profile page, or even 
what a profile page is.

One potential problem I see with such an implementation is that the 
Recipe-Users page might become another place to chat about the recipe, which 
it is not intended to be. Like, a user adds a negative comment, the author 
replies and a conversation goes on. But, we could manually move 
the "conversation" to the Recipe-Talk page, leaving  only the first comment 
(the user is free to change his comment at a later moment.)

Now, I may be wrong, and I may have not understood all subtleties and details. 
If that's the case, again, sorry.


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