[pmwiki-users] picasa / pmgallery

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Jul 4 11:32:31 CDT 2009

edwin marte wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am using php 5 and the page just come blank. nothing happens.
> I have try  (:pmgallery user=marte.edwin :) In Page Photo.Main
Looking at your Picasa gallery, I don't actually see any images in 
there. Only a single movie. PmGallery is really intended for images, 
rather than displaying movies. If you put some images in an album, try 
specifying the album name (details below).

Also, if you stull have no luck, it might be that the footer is not 
getting generated (that's what the virtualgroups parameter is meant to 
do). Try adding this to a page:
(:div id="pmGallery_Image":)

pmgallery needs somewhere to put the images. One way to do this is to 
have pmgallery auto-generate a page footer with the DIV in it (using 
virtualgroups). Another is to simply put the DIV in a page. By default 
pmgallery put images in a DIV with ID=pmGallery_Image -- that's 
changable with a parameter.

If you want images from a specific album, use:
(:pmgallery album="NewYork2007,Quiddity":)

> I have't found much information in the list neither many users using 
> this plugin. Anyone that points me in any direction ? Anyone using the 
> plugin where I could have a look?
The Talk page also has some information which might be useful. There are 
also quite a few examples on the PmGallery page itself which may help. 
Or take a look on the demo page: http://wiki.solidgone.org/PmGallery/Main

Hope that helps,

  ~ ~ David

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