[pmwiki-users] picasa / pmgallery

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Sat Jul 4 15:03:13 CDT 2009

> Looking at your Picasa gallery, I don't actually see any images in there.
> Only a single movie. PmGallery is really intended for images, rather than
> displaying movies. If you put some images in an album, try specifying the
> album name (details below).

Ok, I was Almost sure I had some public Albums. Now I started to see some

There are a few features I think are not working like (:pmgallery
user=nickaname:) It is supposed to pick a thumblist of albums. So I noticed
not every picture was shown. I am using user "godmarte3" now. I haven't
given time to the test yet, but I will during the rest of the weekend. If
notice anything or have doubts I will get back to the list.

Thanks Dave,

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