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Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Jul 13 10:37:21 CDT 2009

>> That's certainly an excellent suggestion whcih I will probably follow
>> anyway!
> Does it seem to work? We could probably help you write a custom LinkPage() 
> function which applies the default $MakePageNamePatterns on selected 
> WikiGroups, and some $CustomPageNamePatterns on all other pages.

Yes it works - although wit the obvious slight hitches where you get 
some overlap and need to show some Site page with a link to a non Site 
page.  These are rare in my case

> If the original links work in the default installation, I don't see this as 
> an "issue" that should be "fixed". :-)

I don't really see why not?

Again I think you are shooting from a hypothetical hip and you haven't 
looked at the situation? (Although concede I could be talking rubbish 
since I remember you were doing a load of updates recently?)

Essentially the current situation is:
- Here look we have a tempting and useful feature
- BUT if you want to use it you will have to accept nearly working 
documentation with a few gremlins here and there because we would rather 
leave them broken than make a handful of corrections (not even loads, 
just a few...)

> I see the benefit of being able to use varied URL construction functions, for 
> administrators who are aware that it may break existing links and who decide 
> to deal with it because they want/need it, and it is worth it. :-)

And so every person who wants it ends up fixing a handful of key links 
in their local copy of the documentation which is then flushed away when 
they update to the latest version, whilst people on this list state that 
it's going to put hairs on my chest to keep repeating this work 
continually in my local copy rather than allowing me to do make the 
changes once on the master copy

...Thanks for that...   I love extra work for the hell of it

> I also consider a feature being able to write [[(Pm )wiki]], [[(Wiki )styles]] 
> and [[(Wiki )trails]] when I link to PmWiki, WikiStyles or WikiTrails - it is 
> easier than [[WikiTrails|trails]].

Hmm, so why has 95% of the documentation been converted away from that 
format then?  I think if I had shutup and just made the changes then no 
one would have commented, but because I make a suggestion to change 
things then suddenly it's a "oh no - change is coming! Resist! Resist!"

Your examples are incorrect anyway.  PM has already stated (unless he 
changes his mind) that he wants is spelt "PmWiki", so example one is blown

Your next too examples are the wrong way around.  I want them the same 
way around that you want them, ie I want to write [[(Wiki )styles]] - so 
either you didn't read my original post of you are just proving my point 
that this list seems to think that any whiff of "change" must be 
resisted vigorously at all costs...

> Lastly, even if we modify the links to work both for you and for the rest of 
> us, tomorrow users will create new links that will be valid on all sites and 
> broken on yours. :-)

Perhaps a tiny fraction yes.  However, "someone" has already fixed up 
nearly ALL the documentation already.  I am making the suggestion that 
we go from "nearly all", to "nearly, nearly all bar a handful remaining" 
and I'm getting resistance?!!  Come on, we already walked almost 
completely down this road and I'm suggesting we carry on as we already are

Seriously - read the original question again.  We are nearly, nearly 
there already.  Lets just finish what is already started.  I'm not 
asking to go in a different direction - this is already the direction 
the docs are going in

Consider that:
- PmWiki has changed the default to not space wiki links.
- Therefore it becomes significant if we write "Wiki Style" or 
"WikiStyle" since they will appear differently now (previously with auto 
spacing they would appear the same).
- Nearly everywhere the trend has been to add a space, eg "Wiki style" 
or "Wiki Style".
- However, I sense that there is some strong feeling that there are 
still a few "proper nouns" which should be left unspaced, eg "PmWiki" 
appears to be one which is declared should be left unspaced?  Are there 
any others, eg I can see a case for "WikiStyle" or "WikiTrail" being 
used as a "proper noun" and being left unspaced deliberately?  If so 
then I propose that we should reverse the documentation wording for 
those links and use the non spaced version consistently?

Hopefully we are all pulling in the same direction now?

Ed W

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