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Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Jul 13 13:07:38 CDT 2009

Petko Yotov wrote:
> This is turning into a flame, so  I'll briefly repeat what I said.
> On Monday 13 July 2009 17:37:21 Ed W wrote:
>>> If the original links work in the default installation, I don't see this
>>> as an "issue" that should be "fixed". :-)
>> I don't really see why not?
> Because it works exactly as expected, it is not an issue.

I fail to understand why you are digging your heels in over this?

Someone has changed 95% of the documentation ALREADY so that it's now 
"resistant" to changes in the server settings.  I suggest that *I* would 
like to continue that set of changes (I am offering to improve the 
documentation) and suddenly everyone starts saying that they want to 
*deliberately* keep things broken.

What are you guys smoking? 

Fine someone else can work on the documentation - you have made it clear 
you don't want my help improving it

>>> I see the benefit of being able to use varied URL construction functions,
>>> for administrators who are aware that it may break existing links and who
>>> decide to deal with it because they want/need it, and it is worth it. :-)
>> ...
>> ...Thanks for that...   I love extra work for the hell of it
> As I said, admins who are aware of the consequences, who change it because 
> they want it/need it and  because it is worth it for them. 
> If a case like this upsets/saddens me so much, it is not worth it for me.

You guys like to argue black is white don't you?

OK, I propose (as a thought exercise) that we never fix any of the 
existing documentation or update it to clarify anything ever again!

My argument is that it's easier to leave everything as it is and users 
can fix their own local copy of the documentation if they want it to be 
correct.   Fuck that this requires every admin in the whole world to fix 
this stuff if they care and that they can't easily keep in sync with the 
main project.  From now on just post some notes about a new feature in 
the mailing list and everyone can update their own local copy of the 
documentation with the details.  Leaving everything as is will require 
less typing (that's what someone argued on a different email...)

This makes about as much sense as you are proposing...

Right well fuck it.  I was offering to fix a whole bunch of the 
documentation and improve it's quality.  Forget about 
"$MakePageNamePatterns" this is a red herring and just something you 
would get for free from improving the docs as they stand today.  Keep 
the docs inconsistent on how you spell everything since clearly you 
think it's a feature to spell things three different ways!

I just completely fail to understand why you are arguing that it's sane 
and useful to write this on one page:
    One principle of the [[PmWikiPhilosophy]]
And this on another page:
    One principle of the [[PmWiki Philosophy]]

I will leave it here with my final comment that I believe you should 
pick *one* of the above and stick with it everywhere (which is what 
someone has already done throughout most of the documentation - only the 
odd inconsistency still exists).  I cannot believe it's the master plan 
to get the documentation 95% consistent and deliberately leave the 
remainder inconsistent - bully for you if so


Ed W
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