[pmwiki-users] file: urls

Robert Matthews RMatthews at ms.soph.uab.edu
Thu Jul 16 14:14:28 CDT 2009

I tried creating an InterMap link and it did the same thing (i.e. the
FILE:// link still wouldn't work). I think it must be a bug or a
"feature" in either PHP or in the local server program
(http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Standalone) that we're running to
host PMWiki. I know that FILE:// links within standard HTML files work
fine because we've been using them extensively for the past several


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On Tuesday 14 July 2009 00:51:22 Robert Matthews wrote:
> I read this thread of messages from several years ago, but still could

> not find an answer to the problem.  In both IE 7 and Firefox 3.5, a 
> FILE:// url works fine if typed directly into the browser, but not if 
> its on a Pmwiki page.

It is not just on PmWiki pages, but on any internet pages. It is about
security, external websites cannot link to or load local files.

Here is the message in the Error console of Firefox:

  Security Error: Content at http://localhost/wiki/WikiSandbox may not
                  or link to file://home/petko/.bashrc.

> Any solutions? 

If the files are on the same computer as the server, it should be
possible to map their directory somewhere inside the server's document
root. And then, use Path: or other InterMap links.


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