[pmwiki-users] AuthUserOpenID and authentication

Bryce dbrycegh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 22:26:02 CDT 2009

Hi, first time poster here, pretty new to PmWiki and just getting it off the 

I'm trying to set up OpenID access for my wiki users who are on LiveJournal, 
so that they can use that to log in and edit without having to memorize a 
separate login/password for my wiki.  So far I've got the AuthUserOpenId 
package installed, my local config.php is loading it successfully, and I put 
in the $ScriptUrl fix mentioned on the cookbook page.  I've also updated the 
Site/AuthForm page with an OpenID form, and added "openid://module" to the 
Site/AuthUser page, both as instructed in the cookbook.

I can enter my LiveJournal address into the new login field, and my request 
goes to the correct place on LiveJournal.  When I tell LJ "Yes, go ahead and 
pass my identity to the requesting site," the next thing I see is my empty 
wiki login form with the error message "Name/password not recognized."

I've tried adding user accounts to Site/AuthUser corresponding to individual 
LJ accounts (e.g. my own, "dbrycegh.livejournal.com"), but I get the same 
result whether or not there's a matching account locally.

Am I missing a step?  How do I grant permissions to these users?

Thanks for your time!


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