[pmwiki-users] AuthUserOpenID and authentication

Steve Glover steve.glover at ed.ac.uk
Thu Jul 30 05:54:27 CDT 2009

Hi Bryce,

> I'm trying to set up OpenID access for my wiki users who are on LiveJournal, 
> so that they can use that to log in and edit without having to memorize a 
> separate login/password for my wiki.  So far I've got the AuthUserOpenId 
> package installed, my local config.php is loading it successfully, and I put 
> in the $ScriptUrl fix mentioned on the cookbook page.  I've also updated the 
> Site/AuthForm page with an OpenID form, and added "openid://module" to the 
> Site/AuthUser page, both as instructed in the cookbook.

I tried this about a year ago and got intermittent success: it worked 
with myopenid.com but not with any others of about three OpenId 
providers I'd tried it with (including LJ - I'd hoped to be able to use 
a combination of LJ-mediated OpenId and the wiki owner's friends list to 
control access).

This wasn't for my day job (although one day I'm going to have to have a 
more serious look at shibbolising PmWiki), so I put it to one side.

On seeing your email, I went back and had a look again and in the 
intervening year, an upgrade to either my pmwiki installation or by the 
myopenid.com folk means that now I can't login that way either....

I've had a look round for pmwiki sites with an openid login screen (a 
bit of a pin, actually - there are far more pmwiki sites that mention 
openid than actually use it), and have found


However, testing these with my openid fails. Of course, they may have a 
whitelist of some sort, so that doesn't necessarily mean that the recipe 
doesn't work....

Good luck!


> I can enter my LiveJournal address into the new login field, and my request 
> goes to the correct place on LiveJournal.  When I tell LJ "Yes, go ahead and 
> pass my identity to the requesting site," the next thing I see is my empty 
> wiki login form with the error message "Name/password not recognized."
> I've tried adding user accounts to Site/AuthUser corresponding to individual 
> LJ accounts (e.g. my own, "dbrycegh.livejournal.com"), but I get the same 
> result whether or not there's a matching account locally.
> Am I missing a step?  How do I grant permissions to these users?
> Thanks for your time!
> Bryce
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