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adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Jun 16 03:03:39 CDT 2009

hi hans
i'm not sure i understand your reply.
all of my pagelist stuff with Category.GroupFooter is set up fine,  
works fine - if i save using the normal method of editing and saving  
a page, and happen to be posting a [[!keyword]].
however, i have a foxedit link on a page (let's say MyGroup.MyPage)  
which edits a PTV (i have several on the page, basically allowing me  
to edit different sections separately), and when i click it and edit  
the PTV using the foxedit link and add a [[!keyword]], and then save,  
i'm led back to MyGroup.MyPage, and my [[!keyword]] is surely there  
on the page, with the appropriate link (to Category.Keyword) - but,  
when i go to Category.Keyword, it does not list MyGroup.MyPage.

however, if i go back to MyGroup.MyPage?action=edit, and then click  
save without doing any editing (with the [[!keyword]] markup still in  
there), Category.Keyword does in fact now list MyGroup.MyPage in its  
pagelist output.
the pagelist there is not the problem.

rather, the problem i seem to have located is this - when looking in  
the individual files on the server that pmwiki generates, the field  
called target= is left empty when using foxedit link.
however, if i edit and save the normal way, then i get  
target=Category.Keyword, and i am most certain that .pageindex is  
probably updated as well. i believe these are both activities of  
SaveAttributes. i think this is why the pagelist is not showing. i  
assume it's either looking in pageindex or in the target= field of  
each page, and the keyword is getting recorded one way, but not the  
fox way.

can you confirm whether this is an issue with Fox? or is it my own  

thanks for the help,

On 16 Jun 2009, at 12:31 AM, Hans wrote:

> Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 5:09:38 AM, adam overton wrote:
>> i'm finding that when i edit a PTV on a page using FoxEdit, and try
>> adding something with [[!Category]] markup, when i visit the
>> corresponding Category.Keyword page, the page with the new Keyword
>> doesn't show up.
>> however, if i then go back to the page and call ?edit directly, and
>> then save (without making any changes), the Category.Keyword page
>> updates immediately.
>> can you confirm this on your end? is FoxEdit missign something, like
>> a call to SaveAttributes()?
> I am not sure what you are trying to do precisely.
> Foxedit itself does only provide the markup
> for edit links and buttons, which will load a Fox edit
> form. Fox will do all the form processing when you save,
> not foxedit. Save Atributes is called in th eprocess of
> saving a page as well.
> If you add a [[!Keyword]] markup to a page it creates a
> link to a page Category.Keyword. This page does not need to actually
> exists (and does not exists with standard PmWiki setup).
> And it will not be updated when a [[!Keyword]] link is created on any
> page, but following the link you may see a list of pages
> which link to it. this is usualy achieved with  a (:pagelist ..:)
> markup on page Category.GroupFooter (saving you the hassle of adding
> a pagelist markup on every category page).
> Hope these explanations will make it somewhat clearer what is going  
> on!
>   ~Hans

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