[pmwiki-users] Image Gallery questions

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Sun Oct 4 04:14:17 CDT 2009

Hello everyone!

I am successfully using pmwiki as a CMS for a private webpage, which is 
readable only to a restricted number of users. Doing that, I wrote 
myself some very basic, but working scripts for conveniently uploading a 
folder of images, which then will be displayed on a number of pmwiki 
pages. Everything is working neatly, and I believe in "never change a 
running system".

Now, unfortunately, I frequently encounter "nicer" image galleries. 
These load faster and have a nicer user interface, and come in two flavours:
1) flash-based stuff. Very sexy, and I'm not sure yet if I like it or 
not (after all, not everyone has flash etcetcetc.)
2) fancy HTML stuff I don't really understand - it's pages where only 
the image will change while the rest of the page remains unchanged, and 
the image preloads. Example for this: Facebook.

Compared to these, my gallery looks really old.

Which is why I'm looking for a convenient way to upgrade my PmWiki image 
gallery capabilities. To sum it up, they should be able to
(1) work together with the PmWiki authentification system, i.e. only an 
authenticated user may be able to download the images. This is the 
absolutely crucial feature
(2) be sexy to operate as a reader and as the publisher, preload, and 
work fast. Ideally give opportunity to comment on the gallery and/or 
individual pictures...

I tried to solve it via Flash, but can't manage to get SimpleViewer to 
run properly. Also I'm not sure if it fits condition (1) as there's 
individual files in a folder.

Thanks for reading this far. Any ideas, anyone?


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