[pmwiki-users] appending to a sidebar

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Oct 5 17:50:23 CDT 2009

hi there
i've got a wiki with a lot of different group each with its own  
sidebar, and the site is growing. it works great, but when i'm logged  
in as admin, i'd love to automatically have the same set of regularly  
visited admin-links (to Site, FoxTemplate, Notify, etc) appended to  
the bottom of the group sidebar.

currently, i enable this by going to each Group.SideBar and adding:  
(:if auth admin:)(:include Site.SideBarAdmin:)(:ifend:).
i'm wondering: is there currently a way for me to automatically  
append this code to every sidebar, no matter what, without having to  
add it manually to each Group.SideBar?

i'm imagining something like:
$GroupSideBarFmt = $GroupSideBarFmt . '(:if auth admin:)(:include  

is this possible?

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