[pmwiki-users] PHP 5.3 auth issues [was: Reinstall]

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Oct 23 15:12:06 CDT 2009

paul badger wrote:
> Now it's really getting ugly. It was Firefox (and not PMwiki) and its 
> saved passwords that was defeating me.
> type in "paul" lowercase - and it's replaced by "Paul" uppercase - 
> just as one exits the field.
> arggg!!!!
>> I think I may have spoken too soon on this - It
>> seems that I was using two numerals for a login,
>> which appear to be dissallowed.
>> Paul

Did you get this sorted out? Somewhere in Firefox you can turn off those 
"helpful" suggestions.

Using enter or tab to exit the field sometimes triggers it. Try using 
the mouse to move to the next field.


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