[pmwiki-users] Php5 -- MMCache in plain English wanted, for timid webmasters

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Oct 8 13:31:01 CDT 2009

Do we still need to deactivate MMCache in php.ini to use php5 ? The 
features page says we do.

I'm with 4.something on my current host, but am going to make a new 
site, and it makes sense to start it with the current version of 
everything. (We won't mention how long it's been since I updated my 
other site.)

If we still need to do it, where is a good reference on how to do this? 
The ones I found are either incomplete (don't say where the file is), 
scary (I need to copy the entire file from somewhere else and edit one 
line on my local copy, and create another file at the same time, and 
change a default path), out-of-date, or written for admins who already 
edit php.ini and just neeed reminders of what each setting does.

That doesn't fit Philosphy 5, Be easy to install, configure, and maintain.

What happens if we don't deactivate it? It's a small site, with no large 
images. There might be a few large files for download. (No, it's not a 
pirate site. Dad is making some circuits to sell to owners of Collins 
radios. The images will be small, but the pdf users' manual might be 1-2MB.)

Whether it needs to be deactivated or not, us amateurs could use a bit 
more guidance in the pmwiki manual, even a link to a good reference, 
than is currently there.

Thanks in advance,


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