[pmwiki-users] how to make pages in the group 'Project' accessible only from one fixed IP

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Oct 23 15:28:47 CDT 2009

Farkas, Illes wrote:

> Thanks. What do you precisely mean by "and the like"? Where can I learn 
> what (:include:) and "the like" are?

(:include:) includes the text from one page in another page. It's often 
used for "boilerplates", where you want the same text to appear in 
several places.

Is there a reason you're using IP address rather than passwords for 
this? With passwords, you can prevent (:include:) from including text 
the person doesn't have permission to see. (I think you need to set a 
flag in config.php one way or the other, but it can be done.)

Is it possible to prevent the IDs who have access to Projects from 
logging in from other IP addresses? That way you could leverage 
everything done for passwords.

Also, beware of rotating IP addresses. Many ISPs change IP addresses, so 
one day you might be one number, the next day another number.

Even internal systems are subject to this, if the person doing the 
upgrades and rewiring doesn't realize it's important your machine keep 
the same address.

Yes, my husband has dealt with clients who locked themselves out of 
admin by doing this. (Fortunately they hadn't changed the backdoors. 
Suspenders but no belt.)


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