[pmwiki-users] pagelist and pages beginning with Index

Eric Grange egrange at infonie.fr
Thu Oct 15 07:43:22 CDT 2009


I'm experiencing an odd issue: pages beginning with Index don't get 
listed in pagelist.

I'm trying pmwiki for documenting functions, and two of them are "Index" 
and "IndexOf", neither of which appear with pagelist.
If I duplicate one of the pages as "Indey" for instance, with the exact 
same wiki content, it gets listed correctly.
If I use "Indey" as page name, and change the title to "Index" with 
(:title:) it gets correctly listed as Index, however the url is that of 
"Indey" and not Index, and since the pages are used to document 
functions, the url is meaningful.

Any hints on how to "unfilter out" the pages whose name begins with "Index"?


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