[pmwiki-users] pagelist and pages beginning with Index

Eric Grange egrange at infonie.fr
Fri Oct 16 09:01:50 CDT 2009

 >Do you have some special configuration or a recipe modifying the
 >$SearchPatterns variable? Are your pages listed if you use (:pagelist
 >list=all:)? Or (:pagelist list=normal:)?

I'm using the following pagelist:

(:pagelist link=Catégorie.Etendues fmt=#title group=Fonctions:)

When using pagelist list=all or normal, the Index & IndexOf pages are 
listed, the Index pages are not listed only for link=, and they are 
referred as categories

As for the SearchPatterns, I'm using the french localization recipe, 
which includes some $SearchPatterns indeed, and one them is:

$SearchPatterns['default'][] = '!\\.Index!';

is this line correct? (I'm not sure what the SearchPatterns does 
exactly, so I didn't touch that part).


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