[pmwiki-users] Local template causing blank pages

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun Sep 13 11:51:23 CDT 2009

I'm stumped why suddenly at page 306 my local template is causing  
completely blank pages. I don't think the problem is $MaxIncludes,  
since I've set that to 20000. Any suggestions would be greatly  

I'm using pmwiki-2.2.5 on my own computer under MAMP. My configuration  
includes these recipes: powertools, creole, wsplus, and httpvariables.

Here's a detailed description of what is happening:

I have 305 pages in one of my groups. Each page contains merely a  
title, a PTV, and three anchored sections, one of which contains  
category markup. (See below.) One category that all pages have in  
common is the "All" category. My category group header uses  
fmt=#myproblemtemplate. (See below.)

When I add page 306, suddenly my "All" category page, which is linked  
to by all the pages in my group, shows nothing - not even the sidebar.  
My "subset" category page however, which fewer pages link to, works  

If I remove page 306, I get normal results. If I create a different  
page 306, category "All" gives a blank page again.

PmWiki's built-in "include" template works fine. The problem occurs  
only when I have more than 305 pages and use myproblemtemplate (other  
local templates seem to work fine).

myproblemtemplate displays MyPTV. If I remove from page 306 MyPTV, it  
doesn't help. But if I remove from myproblemtemplate the display of  
MyPTV, it works fine.

My category group header contains this:

(:pagelist group=-EditTemplates,-Site link="{*$FullName}"  
fmt=#myproblemtemplate order=-title:)
(:if false:)

My page looks something like this:

(:title My Title:)
MyPTV: blah blah...



[[!all]] [[!subset]]


My local template looks something like this:

(:template each:)
%smaller rfloat lightgrey%&nbsp;{=$FullName}&nbsp;

 >>smaller indent<<
(:include {=$FullName}#Detail#Detailend:)

 >>italic smaller<<
**Comment:** (:include {=$FullName}#Comment#Commentend:)

**Category:** (:include {=$FullName}#Category#Categoryend:)
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