[pmwiki-users] Local template causing blank pages

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun Sep 13 16:00:29 CDT 2009

I may have found a workaround.

I now suspect the problem has nothing to do with page text variables.  
I've discovered that even if pagelist uses include to get the MyPTV  
value, rather than taking it from the PTV, it still chokes when the  
page count is 300-something large. But if I break the pagelist line  
into two separate pagelists with ranges, count=200 and count=201..400,  
I get the full page.

Even if this workaround continues to work for me as my wiki gets  
larger, I still would like to know what limitations might be causing  
PmWiki to choke on my large list of pages. Does any documentation  
exist for max number of pages, etc. As I said before, MaxIncludes was  
not the issue.


On Sep 13, 2009, at 11:51 AM, Randy Brown wrote:

> I'm stumped why suddenly at page 306 my local template is causing  
> completely blank pages. I don't think the problem is $MaxIncludes,  
> since I've set that to 20000. Any suggestions would be greatly  
> appreciated!

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