[pmwiki-users] Main.homepage asks for login..

Patrick Ogay Evolution lists at basel-inside.ch
Mon Sep 14 15:12:18 CDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 14:08 -0500, Sofia M wrote:
> AuthUser I couldn't figure out either - there's no central place to
> keep track of any users and passwords.  
The users and groups can be definend on SiteAdmin/Authusers (or in
you can also point to a .htpassw file an maintain it with htpasswdform.

> UserAuth works well in one of
> our other implementations, so I thought I'd try to use it in this
> current project as well...  and now I'm stuck..
> perhaps I should look for a userauth group

I prefer authuser which is a part of the system to userauth.
It work well in my wikifarm. 

Patrick Ogay

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