[pmwiki-users] usage of (:selectlang:) MultiLanguageViews

Patrick Ogay Evolution lists at basel-inside.ch
Tue Sep 15 08:07:24 CDT 2009

If I place (:selectlang:) in the horizontal navigation - which is in
fact another wikipage - Results is empty (because I work with
$[variables]  not with (:if lang:) may be could make dummy sections

But Now I assign a page in the routine: 
MLVSelectLangMarkupBts  (like MLVSelectLangMarkup) but with: 

$pagenameBak = $pagename;
$pagename = 'Public.Projekt'; /* all langs neded */
and restore it. 

Thanks for hint: 
I had to remove the changement in 
which keept the langage, but prevented the switch:-)

So the switch to the langages are o.k. and the langage is stored in a

It's o.k. But the first idea was to work without cookie. 

thanks a lot.

Patrick Ogay

On Die, 2009-09-15 at 11:34 +0100, Hans wrote:
> Monday, September 14, 2009, 11:22:45 AM, Patrick Ogay Evolution wrote:
> > I implemented MultiLanguageViews.
> > It works nicely, thanks for the recipe.  
> > http://hamambasel.ch/Public/Projekt?lang=tr
> > One question remains when using (:selectlang:)
> > When I place the language buttons in a place elsewhere as the content
> > site (:selectlang:) returns nothing. 
> Patrick, checking out your link I cannot switch languages.
> the url show both  a setlang= and a lang= parameter
> but only one should be there, usually setlang=
> to set the preferred language as cookie. with
> http://hamambasel.ch/Public/Projekt?setlang=fr?lang=de
> the page always displays as 'de', even though the cookie may be
> changed.
> I am not sure about your problem/request of having a pagename
> hardcoded or given as parameter in markup (:selectlang:)
> The markup checks the current page to see if a page attribute
> 'languages' is set  (with a list of languages in the page).
> The idea is that a page may have no languages implemented, or not all,
> so there will be no switch links shown for non-existing languages.
> Why do you need to read the list of languages available from a
> specific page rather than the current one?
>   ~Hans

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