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I LOVE PMwiki, too, but for a school application and environment, have you
considered Moodle (www.moodle.org )? 


It's open-source FREE secure software written in PHP using a MySQL database.
I've found it fairly easy to install and administer on a typical shared
hosting account.


Moodle is already tailor-made for education with schools, courses, teachers,
administrators, students (roles), passwords, registration, enrollment,
secure file uploading, blogs, wikis, chat, lessons, glossaries, etc., etc.
already implemented. 


Moodle has a large user base with good documentation and very helpful


Good luck and best wishes whatever your choice.





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Hi all,


I've been roped as a volunteer into coming up with a revised website for my
kid's school using pmwiki (the budget is too low for a site produced by a
paid consultant). I've been using pmwiki for neighorhood and alumni groups.
It's going to be more challenging to do the school because teachers would
like to have their own password-protected pages for posting assignments (not
grades because there is a separate system for that). The principal also
would love to add notes now and then like a blog. I can see this being all
possible, but I'd like to hear from others who have created school sites and
associated issues.


Thank you and I look forward to your response.


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