[pmwiki-users] httpvariables not setting cookies

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Sep 19 01:47:10 CDT 2009

Is there a problem with httpvariables setting cookies, or is it me?

I'm trying to use httpvariables to set cookies for use as parameter  
values, so the user can change any parameter independently of the  
others.  For some reason, httpvariables doesn't seem to be setting the  
cookies. Refreshing the page doesn't help.

Is there a way to make this work? Or another technique for this  
functionality? I'm trying to avoid using forms, for simplicity and  
ease of use.

Here's my test code:

WikiSandbox has this markup:

[[Site.SetFormat?caller={*$FullName}?fmt=title |set fmt to title]]
Cookie value: {$@fmt}

Site.SetFormat has this markup:

(:cookie fmt {$?fmt} expires="+24 month":)
(:redirect {$?caller} quiet=1:)

When I click on the link, shouldn't the cookie value "title" appear on  
the page? Certainly after a page refresh, right? Well it doesn't for me.


P.S. I'm using pmwiki-2.2.5 on my own computer under MAMP, OSX  
Leopard. I've tried both Firefox and Safari. My configuration includes  
these recipes: powertools, creole, wsplus, and httpvariables.
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