[pmwiki-users] Disable History / Automatically Limit the size of a page, ...

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Sep 19 15:39:34 CDT 2009

On Saturday 19 September 2009 15:03:01 Stéphane Heckel wrote:
> a) I have understood that I can play with $DiffKeepDays, However, I want to
> disable the history process for a particular page that is used as a 'log'
> page and can be quickly loaded & updated by multiple authors with minor
> updates. I do not see the interest to keep a trace of who did what, ... Is
> this possible ?

Yes, use $DiffKeepDays = 0; 

> b) I would like to limit the size as well of a particular page (ie : 1 Kb
> max or 100 lines max). Is this a built-in feature of PmWiki ?
> ie : new logs are written (inserted) on top of a single page, old logs
> should be removed from this page, ...

There is a built-in feature which is almost what you describe: the 
RecentChanges pages -- new logs are written at the top of the page, old logs 
are removed, and the page history of the log page is not saved.

It shouldn't be too hard to implement a custom function, probably called from 
a WikiForm with an ?action=log that logs a message by the user and redirects 
to the saved listing.

Other than this, PmForm can save new messages to the top or to the bottom of a 
page, but it currently cannot remove old ones.


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