[pmwiki-users] Disable History / Automatically Limit the size of a page, ...

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Sat Sep 19 08:03:01 CDT 2009

Hello List,

Questions, ...

a) I have understood that I can play with $DiffKeepDays, However, I want to 
disable the history process for a particular page that is used as a 'log' 
page and can be quickly loaded & updated by multiple authors with minor 
updates. I do not see the interest to keep a trace of who did what, ... Is 
this possible ?

b) I would like to limit the size as well of a particular page (ie : 1 Kb 
max or 100 lines max). Is this a built-in feature of PmWiki ?
ie : new logs are written (inserted) on top of a single page, old logs 
should be removed from this page, ...

Thanks for your feedback,


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