[pmwiki-users] Update equivalent for RetrieveAuthSection

V.Krishn vkrishn at insteps.net
Tue Apr 6 12:12:21 CDT 2010

On Tuesday 06 Apr 2010 7:51:44 pm you wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 3:55 PM, V.Krishn <vkrishn at insteps.net> wrote:
> > Functions like these could be part of PmWiki core, maybe as
> > extended_lib.php in scripts/
> > The problem is identifying such functions :)
> I have a feeling that since even I (as the author of toolbox) didn't
> find it worthwhile to complete the development of this particular
> function, I'm afraid it would get so little usage as to make it not so
> worthwhile.  Definitely against that "avoid gratuitous features" point
> #3 under pmwiki philosophy if we are talking about putting it in the
> core.
Thats the reason it's difficult identifying such functions.
It seems very wanting to have update equivalent  for 

With maturing JavaScript libraries and browsers Section edit(ajax) might be 
the preferred method of editing text.
Having multiple kinds of recipe to enable Section edit can be difficult for 
users to choose from and may even be a hindrance to usage of other recipes.
Since section edit is something effecting the core editing capabilities, a set 
of extended functions could help.

extended_lib.php in scripts/ could have such functions, though not loaded by 
Pmwiki by default.

> If there were interest obviously I'm just a short time away from
> finishing those retrieve/update functions, but I think most people
> (actually, I guess 100% - myself included) just prefer to do their own
> RetrieveAuthPage() and UpdatePage() directly...
> -Peter


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