[pmwiki-users] Setting preferences on pmwiki.org

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Apr 15 13:52:20 CDT 2010

On Thursday 15 April 2010 19:10:13, Hans wrote :
> Has anyone an idea why I cannot set a personal preference page
> on pmwiki.org? A 'setprefs' cookie get set, with the correct page
> name of my personal preference page. I chiefly want to force the use
> of my preferred edit form, but it does not work, I get the standard
> edit form all the time.
> I like to use the popup-edit form which comes with the Triad skin,
> but even though I use this skin, it's Popup-EditForm is not used.
> And I cannot force a personal edit form via 'setprefs' cookie.

Because of too much spam from automated spambots, pmwiki.org has a custom edit 
form with this setting :
  $PageEditForm = 'Site.EditForm-Local';

This form contains a honeypot and blocks posts which look like spambots. The 
preferences are loaded later via XLSDV(), so an existing value is not 

(And, we use a custom edit form page, because we do not want/need this special 
form in the core distribution).

Other preferences like access keys should probably work, yet I'm not sure if 
they will in the international sections containing XLPage, as XLPages are 
loaded and defined before user preferences.

I suppose we should document this behavior - if a wiki defines the 
$PageEditForm variable, it has priority over the edit form from the user 


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