[pmwiki-users] BlogIt does not converts plain wiki pages

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Feb 16 14:37:53 CST 2010

> It looks like this error occurs if you use the built-in PmWiki security (ie,
> not AuthUser). Can you confirm that you using the basic PmWiki security, and
> are you running the latest version of BlogIt?

Yes, I can confirm.

As a matter of fact, I also have a problem as the standard edit
password seem not to be enough to save changes, and I am always forced
to log in ad admin.
Not a big problem to me personally, but something should be wrong somehow.

> Also, I don't recommend converting *all* pages, as this would also convert
> the PmWiki group pages, and possibly other system pages. I'll update the
> docs to reflect this. Usually use something to delineate the group like
> &pattern=Blog\.

Ok, I'll follow youe advice.
Still there should be some "filter", maybe, not to change special
pages like "RecentChanges" and the like. Or not?


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