[pmwiki-users] Displaying page URL

Bernard Bel bernarbel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 06:57:41 CST 2010

I set up Apache rewrite rules so that page URLs can be easily remembered.
The URL of page "myPage" in group "myGroup" will be:


Now I would like to display this URL somewhere on top of each page. I had
not difficulty constructing it in config.php.  Now, can it be displayed?

I am using the "blix" skin with customized css and logo for each group,
which means I have files such as myGroup.css, and myGroup.php and

I tried to modify things in /skins/blix/skin.php and /skins/blix/
skin.tmpl but nothing worked.

Another idea is: can we retrieve the page name and group name to
construct the URL and display it as an active link in the page header or

It would be such a useful feature that I am convinced there is a simple

Bernard Bel
Laboratoire Parole et Langage
UMR 6057 CNRS - Université de Provence

Centre de Ressources pour la Description de l'Oral (CRDO)

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