[pmwiki-users] GroupAttributes and DeletePage recipe

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Jan 5 20:35:58 CST 2010

On Monday 04 January 2010 13:06:22, SteP wrote :
> I'm left wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if PmWiki only honors
>  standard (edit/read/upload/attr) passwords in GroupAttributes pages.
> Specifically, on a latest pmwiki installation running AuthUser and
>  DeletePage, I tried influencing delete authorizations by setting
>  passwddelete in GroupAttributes pages. It didn't seem to matter, whatever
>  the passwddelete setting was, PmWiki seemed to only look at
>  $DefaultPasswords. OTOH, setting passwddelete in each single page did
>  change delete authorizations.

I tested it both with and without AuthUser, with and without setting 
$DefaultPasswords['delete'], and it works like it should:
- if the page has a delete password, it is requested;
- if not, if GroupAttributes has a delete password, it is requested;
- if not, if $DefaultPasswords['delete'] is set, it is requested;
- if not, the 'edit' password is needed (page, group or site, or a logged-in 
user with edit permissions).

When deleting a page, check of you aren't logged with the administrator 


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