[pmwiki-users] styles in customMarkup

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jan 24 11:05:55 CST 2010

On Sunday 24 January 2010 15:04:05, Walter Keller wrote :
>     Markup('mRed', '>^>><<', '/{mRed\+}/', '>>color=red<<');
> then then the formatting is not honoured, just the text expanded to
> <<color ....
> To make it work you need the clumsy definition
>     Markup('mBlue', '>^>><<', '/{mBlue\+}/', '&gt;&gt;color=blue&lt;&lt;');
> This is neither intuitive nor documented! It took me quite a time to
> find out. At least it would also work for text variables.

Feel free to document it on pmwiki.org on the pages where you think it should 
be documented -- this may be helpful to other users. Thanks in advance.

> Could you fix pmWiki, such that '>>color=red<<' would work?

No. PmWiki converts the wiki-text to HTML which uses a lot the characters < 
and >. In order not to mess with what it already processed to HTML, PmWiki 
converts those characters < and > from the wiki source to the entities &lt; 
and &gt;, and uses them when the page markup is processed. So it is correct, 
if you define new markup rules containing < and >, which are not native HTML 
but should be re-processed by PmWiki, you should use &lt; and &gt;.


P.S. If your use of the {mBlue} markup is really as simple as your example, 
you know you can use the built-in %red% and %blue% command to change the text 
to red and to blue.

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