[pmwiki-users] styles in customMarkup

Walter Keller wa at wlkl.ch
Sun Jan 24 08:04:48 CST 2010

if you define a style in a text variable as
you can use is at as expected in wiki text:
    {$:vRed} red text
however, if you do the same with custom markup
    Markup('mRed', '>^>><<', '/{mRed\+}/', '>>color=red<<');
then then the formatting is not honoured, just the text expanded to 
<<color ....
To make it work you need the clumsy definition
    Markup('mBlue', '>^>><<', '/{mBlue\+}/', '&gt;&gt;color=blue&lt;&lt;');

see <http://wlkl.ch/wiki/index.php?n=My.Test2>

This is neither intuitive nor documented! It took me quite a time to 
find out. At least it would also work for text variables.

Could you fix pmWiki, such that '>>color=red<<' would work?

thanks a lot


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