[pmwiki-users] table columns width and link questions

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Hi !

Not sure, (hope I'm not wrong), but you could try using a width for your cells.
This can be achieved using the information at the bottom of
(see § : How can I specify the width of columns?)

For breadcrumbs, as PmWiki doesn't know that Group1/PageA is the
father of Group1/PageB (no more than 2 levels), I guess you have to do
some work or try some cookbook : sitemapper for exemple or investigate

There may be better and easier solutions.

If breadcrumbs are not required, if you just need a link back to
concert table list, you could test in GroupHeader if page page name is
199* then do or not something, ie, print a link back to concert table.


2010/1/24 David Sánchez <davidsanchezvasquez at gmail.com>:
> Hello guys
> I'm working on an english band gigography and styled the tables in
> order to look like this
> http://slowdivedatabase.com/index.php/Slowdive/Concerts
> However I'm finding trouble to style the tables in order to make all
> columns with same width
> I also would like to know, in the same page, if it's possible to have
> a link to the page before. For instance, in the link above, if you
> click in one date, you see the detail of the concert. However, on the
> top there's just "Slowdive" and not "Slowdive > Concerts". I can't go
> to "Concerts" unless I access throught the menu?
> Thanks
> David.
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