[pmwiki-users] editing wiki pages directly

Peter K.H. Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Sat Jan 30 01:39:44 CST 2010

One easy possibility is using Firefox and adding the plug-in
It's All Text
You can choose, which editor you want to use!
(I use Scipe,  now trying my favorite (X)emacs, WORKS! Or vi(m)   )

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Onderwerp: [pmwiki-users] editing wiki pages directly

I was wondering if anyone is the habit of editing wiki pages directly, and
what editing tools they use for 
that. I hack wiki pages with vim very often. It's just faster that way than
using the browser built-in editor. I 
even tried a vi plugin for firefox. Since a wiki page is plain text with %0a
substituted for \n - and a couple 
more sustitutions - perphaps a vim plugin could be made to open a page,
replace %0a with \n, then 
reverse the replacements upon saving the page. Does anyone know if such a
plugin is available for vim, or 
for another good editor?  TIA

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