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Bests, John Rigdon

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The  most popular classes on  the ladder  are

* Warrior (control warrior)
* Warlock (half  zoo half handlock)
*  Hunter (half mid range half face)

Those  3  are the  kings of the ladder  in popularity, but  they are not always the  strongest.  I ended  top 100 legend last  season  and i would say that these are  the most popular  decks possibly  due to them not adding in many gvg cards. But because they are the most  popular  people are now building many decks  that are designed to have  good win rates against them.

The decks that are  out there that counter  the  kings of the ladder  are:

* Mid-Range Shaman
* Mid-Range Paladin
* Control Priest
* Druid (Mech and  Mid-Range)
* Mage (Mech)

These decks have good win rates against the  kings, but can still lose if  they get  bad draws. 

The 5  classes are fairly even  in popularity.  Mage propably  more popular the lower your rating is. And Paladin more popular as you go higher up the  ladder. Your probably  gonna see one of these classes  once in  every 3 games.

Rogue is a  dead class you see  it once every 20 games if your lucky. I've had the worst hands possible against  rogue  and  never lost.  There doesn't exist a rogue deck  that is good for  the ladder as of  yet.

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