This week I've been at the Nordic Perl Workshop 2009; both the conference and hackathon have been outstanding. The NPW organizers and other Oslo hosts have been fantastic. Things have been happening so quickly that there's been little time to report on them. We'll be having a "wrap-up meeting" shortly, and after that I'll make a longer post summarizing the many things that have been accomplished with Perl 6 and Rakudo.

Thursday is Rakudo's next planned release; over the next couple of days we'll be cleaning up loose ends and making sure things are stable for the release. Updates to the ChangeLog and build test reports are greatly appreciated.

We haven't finalized a Perl Mongers group to use for the name of this release (February was "Vienna", March was "Oslo"), so we're still taking suggestions there. If you have any to suggest drop me an email with the name of the group and why you think they'd be a good choice to highlight.

More soon,


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