Oslo Perl 6 Hackathon Notes

As some of you are aware, this week is the Nordic Perl Workshop, and in the days immediately following the workshop we will have the Oslo Perl 6 Hackathon. During the first day of the hackathon Gabor Szabo will be doing a "Hands-on Perl 6 training" course, the other two days will be for various hacking tasks (both Perl 6 and Perl 5).

I personally have three goals for my participation at the workshop and hackathon:

  • Attend Gabor's course and take careful note of where issues arise with using Rakudo Perl and/or Perl 6 (including filing bug reports and/or answering questions as needed).
  • Recruit and encourage people to write Perl 6 programs and otherwise start hacking on/with Rakudo Perl.
  • Meet with other principal Rakudo and Perl 6 designers and implementors to plan the next phases of work and address any significant obstacles currently before us.

For now I've started a page at

that lists a variety of specific ideas for things to work on or address at the hackathon. I'm sure more ideas will arise at NPW itself, and I invite others to add more items to the list as well. Feel free to add things even if you won't be making it to NPW or the hackathon itself; you may think of something that we've overlooked, and there are other hackathons planned later in the summer that will benefit from having the ideas.



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