[Pmwiki-users] Setting time zones and tracking authorship

pmwiki@mdrain.mailshell.com pmwiki
Wed Sep 3 23:42:55 CDT 2003

Greetings.  I've just started to use PmWiki (I love it!) and have a couple of questions:
(a) Is it possible to change the time zone for the $LastModified variable or for $TimeFmt?  I can't find any discussion of this.  I'm new to PHP, so this is probably a trivial question.  I tried adding $LastModified = strftime($TimeFmt,$Now+2); and $LastModified = strftime($TimeFmt,$Now+7200); to my local.php file to add two hours to time that's posted, but it didn't change the time, and there wasn't even an error.
(b) I've been following the discussion on the TrackAuthorship Development page since I would like this feature.  However, I'd be happy with the ability to add the stored IP address to footers without resolving the hosts (e.g., "Page last modified ... by X").  Is there anyway now that we can define and use a variable for the IP address that's stored with each page?

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