[Pmwiki-users] setting up wiki fields

Rick Lavin ricklavin2001
Fri Sep 3 21:30:51 CDT 2004

I have just managed to install PmWiki, and am quite pleased with myself 
because this is the first php software that I've ever installed 
successfully. This was largely thanks to the helpful error messages 
supplied when problems were encountered.

Now I want to set up a wiki farm, and despite the clarity of the 
instructions I anticipate a couple of problems:

<<1. Create a directory to hold the field. Normally the field directory 
goes in a web-accessible directory (e.g., under public_html), but it 
can be placed anywhere that a PmWiki installation would normally go.

2. Create a PHP script (e.g., field.php) in the field directory with 
the following line

  <?php include('path/to/pmwiki.php'); ?>

where path/to/pmwiki.php is the path to the farm's installation of 

This is a very basic question but since the field directory goes 
outside the pmwiki directory I'll have to set the path to "go up a 
level". What's the syntax to do that?

<<3. Change the field's directory permissions to 2777. >>

Unfortunately, cPanel allows me to change only the last 3 columns, so I 
end up with 0777. How do I change the permissions to 2777?

Sorry for my extreme ignorance!


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